- Mordechai Salomon

Mordechai Salomon


Mordechai Salomon was born to his parents, Yoel Moshe and Fruma Salomon, in 1867, in the Old City of Jerusalem.  When his father and his friends founded the new neighborhood of Nachalat Shiv'a outside the walls of the Old City, the family soon moved there. 

As a boy he studied in a Cheder and a Yeshiva, but he learned how to write from his father.

When Petach Tikva, the "mother of all settlements," was founded, the family moved to Yahud, a small village not far from the settlement.  This was because a malaria epidemic was taking the lives of many in Petach Tikva, and most of the pioneers send their families to Yahud. 

When he was eighteen, Mordechai married Dinah, and the couple moved to Petach Tikva permanently. 

Mordechai and his older brother Arieh Lev did not depend on the support of the Baron de Rothchild.  They were self-reliant farmers, and worked the land with the sweat of their brow.  At first they raised wheat, but later switched to planting citrus groves. 

Upon the 50th anniversary of the founding of Petach Tikva, the settlement's council assigned Mordechai with the challenge of composing the jubilee book.  He became devoted to the task, and thanks to him an important book was published, which details and documents the history of the first settlers of Petach Tikva. Later a second volume was added.


Composing this book gave Mordechai the incentive to devote himself to writing.  He wrote the book "Three Generations in the Yishuv" about his great grandfather Zalman Zoref, his grandfather Mordechai Salomon Zoref, and his father Yoel Moshe Salomon.  Later he wrote several other books on the experience of the early Yishuv and Jewish life in Eretz Yisrael, such as Stories from between the Walls, among others.


Mordechai passed away in 1957.  He was 89 years old, and left behind a wide-branching family, which members live mostly in Israel, and which many sons carried on his agricultural work in Kibbutzim and cooperative settlements. He was buried in the Petach Tikva cemetery.


Mordechai Salomon's personality:


Mordechai was a tireless worker, both in farming and as a writer.  He was honest in deeds and in his writing, protesting every wrongdoing and fighting every corruption.  His friends and employees all loved and admired him.


(This biographical summary is based on what Chaim Salomon wrote about his brother Mordechai in the preface to the book "Three Generations in the Yishuv.")