Avraham Shlomo Zalman Zoref

Rabbi Avraham Shlomo Zalman, known as Zalman Tsoref arrived in the Holy Land on the day of Hoshana Raba  1811. 

In years to come, Zalman Tsoref would become the founder of one of the largest Ashkenazi families in Israel. Today his descendents number more than 20,000.

Mordechai Zoref Salomon

Mordecai Zoref, Zalman's son, devoted his life to developing work opportunitie for the Jewish community, a novel idea at his time.  His first efforts were to promote Jewish agriculture.  

Reb Shlomo of Tolochin and his son Tuvye

Rabbi Mordecai Tzoref, Zalman Tzoref’s oldest son, married Hana, granddaughter of Rabbi Shlomo of Tolochin.

Rabbi Shlomo of Tolochin was one of the greatest disciples of Rabbi Eliyahu of Vilna (HaGra). 

Yoel Moshe Salomon

Yoel Moshe Salomon, Mordecai's second son, attended a Kheder from an early age, where he already stood out as a brilliant student 

Yochanan David Salomon

Yochanan David was born in Jerusalem in 1857. He was the eldest son of Yoel Moshe and Fruma Salomon

Mordechai Salomon

Mordechai Salomon was born to his parents, Yoel Moshe and Fruma Salomon, in 1867, in the Old City of Jerusalem.  When his father and his friends founded the new neighborhood of Nachalat Shiv'a outside the walls of the Old City

Ester and Rabbi Reuven Yedidya Gutfried

Ester Yedidya was Yoel Moshe Salomon’s daughter, her husband Reb Reuven was one of Yoel's Moshe's favourite son in laws..

Haim Salomon

Haim Salomon (Shalmon) was born in the neighborhood of "Nahalat Shiva" in Jerusalem in 1878.  He was a fourth generation Jerusalemite:  a great-grandson to Zalman Tsoref, a grandson to Zalman's son, Mordecai Tsoref, and the son of Yoel Moshe Salomon and his wife Fruma.

Moshe Gutel and Zipporah (Salomon) Levin

Moshe Gutel Levin was Yoel Moshe Salomon’s son- in-law.

His wife Zipporah, Yoel Moshe Salomon’s youngest daughter, led a long life, as did her husband, both reaching the age of 97